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            Contact Second Avenue Records or
            Second Avenue Promotions or
            Second Avenue Sound Mastering Facility
            Mailing Address:
            P.O. Box 55,
            Gabriola Island,
            British Columbia, Canada
            V0R 1X0
            Welcome to the Second Avenue web site.  For over 30 years, Second Avenue has been the home of Tim Harrison's publishing, recording and promotional ventures.  Tim has recorded 8 albums consisting primarily of his own songs.  The label also recorded the first album of Mose Scarlett, and the first 4 albums in the comeback of Scottish singer Enoch Kent.  As a studio enterprise Second Avenue recorded over 15 world-class recordings by various artists. 
            Currently Tim is still working under the aegis of Second Avenue.  His music can be found at slot joker ซื้อฟรีสปิน
            A new project for Second Avenue is the creation of an arts and entertainment web site for the island of Gabriola, one of British Columbia's beautiful Gulf Islands.  More information can be found at Now On Gabriola.com